your own holiday resort home in the paradise

Unique and luxurious experience amidst nature while contributing to eco sustainability tourism

How it works

A Resort consists of multiple chalets owned by different individual investors

Hand picked Location

Our team selects a suitable property and prepare it for the resort project, Legal and design works taken care by us

Choose Your favourite project

Browse through our projects details and choose your favourite project, select a chalet type you want to invest

We manage the resort

We take care of the marketing and management of the property, You will get to enjoy your chalet 12 days a year

Enjoy the ROI

Sit back and relax while your property generate income , Enjoy the revenue share and capital gains over time

Facing oceans, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, paddy fields, woods etc


Tri Resorts gives a unique opportunity to investors to own their own holiday home at breath taking beautiful places around the island, all the locations are carefully chosen to give better ROI to the investors.

Our unique co-owning model gives ample freedom to the investors to invest in multiple revenue generating tourism based properties of their choices while enjoying their own holiday home in style.

Chalet options

A Frames

Box Chalets

Luxury Chalets

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Explore the un-explored beauty of srilanka

your own holiday resort home in the paradise

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